How to Enroll

1. Viewing

We encourage parents and students to visit our kindergarten’s facilities and view our school environment in orderto gain a better understanding of our school program, policies and curriculum. Please email or call us to make an appointment for viewing.
Requirement Making an appointment for viewing

2. Registration

Please register at the school office. If you are calling from overseas, the necessary registration forms can be sent to you by email.
Requirement Submission of registration forms, one-time registration fee payment ($100)

3. Trial

We provide a two-week trial program (additional fee required) to allow your child to familiarize with our school before making a final decision. The trial dates are to be set two weeks before the actual date of enrollment. We can only accept trials if there are vacancies. Please note, if there are no vacancies you can opt to be on a waiting list.
[Promotion] Currently the first week of the two weeks trial period is free. (Subject to change without notice).
Requirement Setting dates for trial, deposit payment (school fee forthe first month), school bus registration (if required)

4. Enrollment

Congratulations! After the trial period, your child is officially part of KiZroo Kindergarten.
* Monthly school fee is charged at the end of the month of enrollment
Procedure Submission of school documents, payment for school uniform

Year of 2020

Admission Age, Child and Teacher Ratio

Class Admission Age Children Capacity Teacher (English) Language Teacher (Japanese) Assistant Teacher (English)
K2 Dragon fruits 2 April 2015 – 1 April 2016 30 1 1 If necessary
K1 Mangosteen 2 April 2016 – 1 April 2017 30 1 1 If necessary
N2 Coconuts 2 April 2017 – 1 April 2018 30 1 1 1
N1 Star fruits 2 April 2018 – 1 April 2019 24 1 1 1
Toddler Banana
2 April 2019 – 1 April 2020
2 April 2020 – 1 Oct 2020
(Only upon the child turn 18 month old)
12~14 1 1 If necessary

 Grouping will depend on the situation of current and new students. This year, it will be based on the mixed-age group.
 KiZroo Kindergarten currently operates a mixed age class from N2 to K2 level.
 Although KiZroo Kindergarten’s students are predominantly Japanese, all nationalities are welcome.

School Fees

※GST 7% will be added to below amount from June 2020.

5 Days (All Levels)
3 Days (Mon, Wed & Fri)
*For N1 and Toddler only
2 Days (Tue & Thur)
*For N1・Toddler only
Sibling Discount
2nd child
Sibling Discount
3rd child~
Trial School Fee (1st 2 weeks)
Daily/Weekly School Fee
(*Middle Entry/Withdraw)
Registration Fee $100 (Non refundable) -
Entrance Fee $1,200 $600 $500 - -
Refundable Deposit $1,350 - -
School Fee /month
(3yrs old~K2)
$1,350 $980 $780 $1,110 $825 - -
School Fee /month
(TM~ BD mnth of 3 yrs old)
$980 $880 $780 - - - -
Facilities Fees /month $100 - - -
Full-Day - - - - - $70/day $85/day
(N1・Toddler only)
*Going home after Lunch
- - - - - $60/day $75/day

 Lunch fee and Teaching material fee are included in the school fee.
 School fee is paid in advance for every two months.
 For cases of withdrawal, daily school fee will be applicable if the child is attending the first FIVE days of school that month. For those who attend 6 or more school days, the full month’s fees is charged.
 Sibling discount ONLY applies if the sibling(s) is (are) attending KiZroo Kindergarten and on the full 5 Day programme. (Once the older sibling withdraws/graduates, the discounted school fee no longer applies)
 The school fee for those under 3 years old will NOT be applicable once the child turns 3 years old.
 For siblings of children enjoying the under 3 years old discount, the siblings discount will not be applicable.
 3 Full-days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) or 2 Full-days (Tuesday & Thursday) is applicable only for the N1 and Toddler class. The days are fixed.
 Registration Fee and Entrance Fee are NOT refundable. ONLY the deposit is refundable.
 Fees may be revised in the new school year. Please check before joining.


Set Individual Items
For Boys (Polo Shirt+Short Pants) $48 Unisex polo shirt $30
For Girls (Polo Shirt+Culottes Skirt) $50 Short pants for boys $30
Culottes skirt for girls $32
Unisex gym T-shirt $18
Hat $24

School Bus

 Operated by a contracted bus company.
 Fee is based on distance.
 Availability depends on the location.
 After applying, time to make the necessary arrangements is required.
 For the safety of our children, we will not open the latest bus routes to the public.
 Currently, we have 7 buses in service.
 Please feel free to contact us regarding bus points and routes.

Please refer to the map below for the sample of the bus route.
Please select below and click on the name of the condominium where the bus stop is displayed.
* As long as the boarding time is within an area of about 1 hour, you can set up the getting-off point at the main gate of each condominium.