Aims & Objectives

Education Aim 'Energy to Try Things Out'

Feel Confident

Know your own value and believe in yourself.

Feel Secure

Understand that you are cared for and appreciated by others.

Being Independent

Think, make decisions and be able to take actions to help others and yourself.

Our children build on their interests by nurturing their “energy to try things out” through thinking, making decisions and taking actions.
KiZroo Kindergarten’s educational vision is to have our children grow up as self-assured adults filled with happiness and a passion for what they choose to do.

The most important thing during early childhood is to receive lots of love. Equally, it is important to show love by being kind, caring and helpfulto others. Like our blood, love needs to be in circulation otherwise negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour can come to the forefront.
At KiZroo, we encourage our children to take care of plants and small animals. This helps them to understand the importance of giving love and not just receiving or seeking it. The skill is further developed through helping teachers and most importantly, helping their schoolmates. At KiZroo, we believe that by ‘sharing’ the love they receive, our children will grow and develop surrounded by and immersed in joy, which will lead to a natural confidence and a strong mentality.
We want our children to recognize the beauty of different individuals living together in harmony. Everyone is different. Everyone has different capabilities, different strengths and weaknesses. By accepting these differences with empathy and interest we can create the circulation of love. Ultimately, we aim for the children to discover that those who help are actually receiving more than giving.

- Our Method -

Creativity derived from nurturing

‘3 Key Elements of Imagination’

Imagination to understand other people’s feelings.

To acknowledge that they themselves are important individuals and so are their peers. We encourage the ‘imagination’ of the children to reflect how their behaviour, actions and words affect others.

3-D imagination

Through our multi-sensory activities such as cooking lessons, play time with wood, paper, sand, clay and blocks, our children equip themselves with a wide variety of skills.

Imagination to recognize change over time

By caring for plants and animals and observing weather as well as one another, our children acquire skills to imagine, predict and perceive changes over time. Encouragement and guidance is given to produce interest and an inquisitive nature which will help with cognition and independent thinking.

We support our children in developing these `3 Key Elements of Imagination` in order to nurture creativity, self expression and a sense of self worth that would ordinarily not be as easy to achieve with more traditional methods of education.

We are implementing an immersive program for the children to learn English, as a second language, through joyful communication and interaction with our multinational teachers.

Through conversation with our native Japanese teachers and though various language activities, our children naturally learn the right use of vocabulary and idioms. By mastering their mother-tongue, they can establish their identity as Japanese.

Upon careful consideration from our principal, regarding the safe participation of children with special needs in the various activities our children participate in: we freely accept every child. We accept their condition for what it is and will actively engage each and every child in whatever activities have been planned. We cannot provide treatment, but what we do provide is a safe educational setting in which learning and the opportunity to be socially active is in abundance.

The theme based curriculum is arranged every two weeks and introduces a number of interesting topics from “Body Parts” to “The Universe”. We allow children to participate in a variety of fun and stimulating activities in a relaxed and motivational learning environment.

 Daily Activities

Our music teacher conducts weekly lessons using eurhythmics as its base. The children learn to feel the music and express their emotions through body movement and playing instruments.

Science at KiZroo focuses on, allowing our children to feel and identify changes in their daily lives. We experiment with colours, we observe changes in plants and flowers, and we enjoy cooking too! Every day is a discovery for our children.

Our children are exposed to Mandarin as their 3rd language during greetings, music lessons and story time.

 English in Bloom (Special English Class)
We have a native English teacher conducting weekly English lessons. Children familiarize themselves with letters of the alphabet and their basic sounds. Pronunciation, vocabulary and basic grammar is also focused on, through a wide variety of speaking activities, games, songs, story books and interactions. We want our children to realize that although they may not know English, they can enjoy the process of learning the language.

 Exercise and Gym
This is the time for our children to expend some of their energy and move their bodies freely. At the same time, we inform them of certain rules and desirable behaviour in order to establish a safe environment in which they can have fun. We believe being physically active is very important at this stage of life as it encourage a healthy lifestyle in the years to come.
We will be having coaches from Jacpa to do lessons for K1 & K2 children twice a month. It is time for them to enhance their motor skills by experiencing various sports and enjoying it.

We also have coaches from Shoot Football Academy to conduct football lessons on the outdoor field (for N2-K2 children) twice a month. It is another great opportunity for our children to be physically active and is develop skills such as teamwork, cooperation and problem solving.

※K2 children have the opportunity to experience swimming lessons about five times a year. (Chargeable)