KiZroo Kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten which incorporates an immersive educational program using Japanese and English as the target languages, while also providing an introduction to Mandarin Chinese.
 KiZroo Kindergarten provides a wide range of activities from its theme-based curriculum. These include Japanese, English, Science and Eurhythmics lessons. Through these daily activities and with love and support from our teachers and staff, we cultivate our children’s imaginations, their motivation to learn and theircompassion for others, all whilst encouraging a sense of exploration and experimentation: a “want to try it out” mentality.
 KiZroo Kindergarten is located in a suburban setting with lush greenery and is in close proximity to a large playing field. In the case of bad weather, our children are still able to play outdoors at our sheltered playground area, which is less than 50 meters from our doors.
 In summary, KiZroo Kindergarten provides a warm, welcoming, interesting and engaging, multilingual learning environment for children. The principle, teachers and staff all strongly believe in the values of KiZroo Kindergarten and ultimately believe that the work done here helps in forming a very strong foundation for the children, which will stand them in good stead for the future.


Would like your child to join KiZroo Kindergarten?
Currently we offer a 3-day free trial session for half-day and full-day programs.
We would like you and your child to experience KiZroo Kindergarten’s wonderful setting and get to know us better so a smooth and comfortable transition can be made if you do choose to join us.

Time Half-day: 9:00am-12:30pm (Dismiss after lunch)
Full-day: 9:00am – 3:00pm
※Depends on child's condition
Target 18 months (Birth month) to 6 years old
Application Reservation required
Fee Free
Promotion Currently we give an extra 2-days free if you do decide to join KiZroo Kindergarten following the 3-day trial.

* For registered children only (a registration fee of $100 is to be paid)
* The 3-day trial session is for 3 days in succession only.
* Please consult our friendly staff for trial dates. (Please be informed that we may not be able to accept trails on certain dates).

Open Play Area
Time 9:30am – 11:30am ※Occasionally open on school opening day ONLY
Open Area Indoor Play Room
Outdoor School Play Ground (with a slide and a sandpit)
Target Group Preschoolers and their parents/caretakers
Fee Free
Rules and Regulations * Please contact KiZroo Kindergarten prior to your visit (Telephone: 6466 7011, email or Enquiry Form )
* On the day of your visit, please register with our friendly staff at the KiZroo Kindergarten reception before entering the play area.
* Parents and/or caretakers must be present, with their children, at all times.