Parents' Corner

PTM 1 per year (April)
Individual PTM 1 per year (September)
Class Observation 1 per year (February)
Other Events 5 per year
Jun: Happy Family Day
Jul: Summer Festival
Nov: Performance Day
Mar: Graduation (K2)
Monthly: Birthday Celebration (Child's birth month)
Observation Any time, except on days with school events or special occasions.
Parental involvement

We provide meetings for the class mothers to deepen the understanding of both parents and KiZroo in order to make our school more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. Two class mother leaders are appointed to represent their child’s individual grade and will conduct regular meetings together.

We display many of the student's daily activities, events, and other programs in kindergarten.
WEL-KIDS PHOTO is online photo service for students & program members only.